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Who we are

It has long been evident that there are gaps within the remit of existing funding

This new innovative fund will provide funding towards much needed capital projects and will work with groups to maximise funding from other sources. It will, therefore, play a crucial role in the continued growth of the Irish language across the North.

To maximise the impact of our fund, we invite the support of the Irish Diaspora to contribute to this new beginning for the Irish language and culture in the north of Ireland.

Your support will ensure that the flagship projects highlighted on these pages will be fully funded. Each has been selected by Ciste as an exemplar model due to their strategic importance. As well as being highly significant in their own right, each project will also act as a catalyst to inspire and sustain further cultural, community and economic initiatives within their respective regions. This "ripple effect" will embed the drivers of increased cultural and economic activity throughout their immediate and neighbouring communities.

Ciste Infheistíochta Gaeilge is recognized as an influential and pro-active funder by Government and other funding bodies in the north of Ireland. We have quickly established excellent working relationships with these other major funders and our input is often sought when funding decisions are to be made.

The added multiplier effect means that our investment in these projects will enable other funders to come on board, so that our investment will always be, at least, matched on a 50:50 basis, thereby extracting maximum value from each dollar committed by our supporters.

All donations will be used directly and exclusively to support our projects. Please consider making a donation, using the secure Paypal donation link on this page.